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Since reform and opening, China's natural stone industry to achieve a healthy and rapid development, has become the world an important member of the stone circles, mainly in the stone production, consumption, import and export volume and a substantial amount of growth. China stone industry in just 30 years, on the construction of a production and export in the world, has a competitive stone industry. Production steady and rapid growth, structural adjustment achieved remarkable success, substantial increase in economic efficiency, significantly increased the strength of large enterprises, independent innovation capability and further enhance, diversify the pattern has been formed. Now China has become the world's major stone production, consumption power, gradually formed Fujian, Shandong, Guangdong and other major production base of stone, and many industrial parks.


1 Development of stone equipment manufacturing


Stone stone manufacturing equipment manufacturing boom led to the expansion and continues to flourish, especially in recent years with the construction, decoration industry, a variety of species, size of the rapidly increasing demand for stone products, thereby greatly stimulating the stone processing machinery and stone processing tools development. And memorial construction project price competition and shorter lead times to force the production of natural stone processing industry continued in a rational way, the appropriate machinery and equipment manufacturers to constantly optimize their products.


China's stone processing machinery and tools industry in the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced equipment and manufacturing technology, based on the entire industry has been able to provide serialized, various grades of production equipment and tools for healthy development, rapid development has laid a basis. Especially in the last few years, innovation and integrated innovation through imitation and self-development, domestic stone processing machinery and equipment is developing rapidly, diamond circular saws, diamond frame saw, gang saw, automatic continuous grinding and polishing machines, automatic continuous milling machine , automatic bridge cutting machines and other conventional processing equipment performance and quality have been significantly improved or even a qualitative leap in the same time, and high-end product development, manufacturing has been greatly improved, and achieved remarkable results. Emerging out of the stone processing center, high-pressure water jet machines, automation equipment, CNC engraving machines and other equipment can be comparable to the stone with foreign machinery and equipment are also numerous. For example: Building and Construction Machinery Shandong University and Shandong Huaxing Machinery Research Center Co., Ltd. jointly developed the SMC3205-type machining center, which marks the independent property rights in China ever since the Stone CNC machining centers, machining center to break the stone to rely on imports situation.


At home and abroad for large diameter diamond saw blade substrate demand conditions, Hebei Star Industrial Co., Ltd. developed sparkle saw Φ3600mm ~ 5200mm diameter of the large blade, completely breaking the monopoly of developed countries saw the international system of large diameter diamond saw blades matrix situation and improve our market competitiveness of stone tools.


Today, China has been able to produce most of the stone tools and stone machinery, and the price and performance can meet the domestic demand in general and a certain amount of exports. These inexpensive products gives companies the greatest advantage is greatly reduced production costs, productivity increased dramatically, the production line staff greatly reduced labor intensity, type of product variety, the overall economic efficiency indicators of enterprises continued to rise, competitive strength has been greatly enhanced. All in all, new equipment, new tools to the enterprise for sustainable development recipe, g "enemy" success and failure.

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