Circular saw and saw blade on the Processing Quality

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In the stone production process, many factors affect the processing quality, including machinery and equipment status, performance of the blade, blocks of material, processing technology and management level are all closely related. Here circular saw machinery and equipment to illustrate the problem.


First, the cutting of the structure


Stone industry saw the current use patterns, as large cantilever can be divided into single-column saws, double-column gantry saw, and saw three types of four-post frame


A single column cantilever Saw


Saw a result of this simple, inexpensive and widely used by stone plate factory, which is a single-type saw the biggest advantage.


But this saw due to the structural type of restrictions there are problems.


(1) lifting stroke is limited
Slide down the slide in, slide down by the height restrictions on travel are generally less than 800mm. The trolley car trip slice is smaller, and therefore can only use a low profile, narrow width of the blocks.


(2) cantilever limit
Cutting head fixed on the rails, slide down the slide movement for inside, and slide the level of overhang cantilever fixed in the cement pillar, under the saw when cutting head, the decline in the more the longer cantilever slide This overhang of the saw blade with the blade shaft to form three joint force of the cantilever structure. Cantilever of the force changes with the installation of the number of blades, saw the growing number of hanging weight gain, increase the length of the cantilever, cantilever deformation of mechanical parts, especially the knife shaft deformation also increases, which will cause the outer end of knife blade shaft inside the blade than the blade shaft due to deflection caused by the deformation rate along with increasing, which is the single-pole saw combination as a multi-chip saw blade easier to use the outer end of the causes of damage.


(3) bearing restrictions
Blocks of the saw blade when cutting resistance can be decomposed into the head up on the knife shaft and horizontal thrust force backwater. Under the action of this force on the cutting head and slide the form and level of torque up the backwater torque. These two moments are transmitted to the last seat by the slippery slide to bear. Single Column saws are generally doing a high slide, push the moment of the force on the fulcrum distance, so the ability to withstand the torque on the top is also great. The slide rail width is relatively narrow, so the ability to withstand the level of torque sent. With the trolley blocks of the reciprocating motion, the torque changing the direction to follow. Because movement needs to slide down the slide with there with the gap, there is bound to reverse the moment under the action of swinging back and forth to promote the tool axis. Due to the presence of the same band to band, cutting torque when the knife on top of lift shaft when the saw blade to leave the blocks when under heavy load in the knife blade shaft and sagging. This is the process of cutting force in sawing the knife shaft runout produced one of the reasons. Small space small swing, swing big gap is also large, we can see, if the width of the longer slide rails, that is, the greater the bearing surface of the rails, saw more stable. Similarly, the slide rails and slide the smaller the gap, the higher the precision of movement up and down, the resulting vibration is smaller, on the contrary saw the vibration will increase. Therefore, timely adjustments in the course of the rail mounted rail gap is to ensure stable operation saw an important factor.


(4) the stability of poor car
The length of two trolley tracks are generally in about 6m in length are within the higher level and parallelism in order to ensure uniform and stable trolley movement. Need to adjust the flatness of flat feet and long spirit level, this condition is not generally manufacturers are available. Even if the new installation to adjust properly, and also because in the course of the basis of deformation or uneven wear affect their flatness. Then adjust the correction should be, otherwise there will be three rounds of the ground a round hanging in the air would affect the stability of its use.
When the saw to be finished slicing knife blade when the second shift saws, saw the fragmentation of these cars were placed on top of car, so the two vehicles overlap, but also increased the car's instability.
Car in the process of sawing under the weight of the blocks in the powder under the conditions of water splashing around the clock continuous work, trolley wheels and bearings are easily damaged, if not adjusted or replaced, will also affect the normal car run.
2, double-column gantry saw
Most of these saw the cutting head fixed to the slide plate box below, slide the crates on the beam for reciprocating sawing motion. The process of cutting car fixed and, thus excluding car because of mechanical problems caused by instability.

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