An Feng, chairman of short stories accounted for

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An account for Feng, born in October 1949, Yutian County, Hebei Province, Communist Party members, senior engineer, training in the Baotou Iron and Steel Institute. Since 1972, has been engaged in new product development, production technology and business management. Is Zhuang Liu has served as technical director of mechanical plant, Zhuang Liu is director of plastic mold factory, Yutian Jin jade saw factory manager, Hebei Yutian Saw Corporation. Current Hebei Xingshuo Saw Co., Ltd., and party secretary, the legal representative. An Feng accounted comrades to "remain upright, the clear official in vain, down-act diligently for the people" as the motto; of "continuity and quality, creativity and high efficiency, loyalty and trustworthiness" as business philosophy, hard work, commitment to reform, continue to forge ahead, the system saw an unknown small factory into a large state machinery (2)-type business, saw the system at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation in the industry; Hebei Xingshuo Saw Stock Co., Ltd. is Asia's largest diamond saw blade substrate manufacturing plant, the production of "Xingshuo" brand series of products used in all international standards, with its high quality, reasonable price and is popular among customers, products sold twenty-nine provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the domestic market share of 50%, and exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions; which Φ2500-3800mm diamond saw blade base to fill the gap, import substitution of products, expert for the same evaluation with the international advanced level, the system of our country saw the development of the industry made an outstanding contribution to promote the stone industry. An Feng comrades always accounted for the strategic science and technology enterprises, set up the first provincial-level system saw Institute (Institute of Hebei Province, saw the system), has developed a large number of international advanced level of the system saw the production, testing equipment. Hundred enterprises in Hebei Province was named the company, Hebei (four stars) Star Enterprise, Spark excellent demonstration enterprises in Hebei Province, Hebei Province, the top ten private technology companies, high-tech enterprises in Hebei Province. An account of Comrade Feng high theoretical level and practical experience, is a skilled, business, good management, innovative science and technology awareness and dedication of entrepreneurs. Government of Hebei Province has been working as a model, Hebei good spark entrepreneurs, Hebei Province, outstanding entrepreneurs, top ten private technology entrepreneur in Hebei Province, etc., also State Science and Technology as a "national Spark Program advanced workers.

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