Laser technology in the development of the industry saw

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First, the current production process

Its manufacturing process are the matrix of cutting, surface grinding and welding head. Cutting the current main processing methods, small blade, stamping the main, the large blade, water jet cutting and laser cutting, including a silencer slot cutting; the main welding current hot pick welding, high frequency welding and laser welding, which Laser welding technology is currently the saw blade welding industry's export processing basic standards.

Second, laser cutting and welding equipment needs of the current situation
Exhibition in Beijing on March 38 companies saw business survey, done in a large matrix of the industry saw 20% plan to do future business base blade 6%, 74% of companies rely on outsourcing base, with no intend to do the matrix plan; do medium-sized enterprises in the matrix cutting 71% of enterprises have laser cutting machine. Future plans to do the company saw the matrix will take into account the laser cutting equipment. In the survey of eight large and medium manufacturing enterprises in the blade base 50% of the enterprises are in a state of laser cutting equipment purchase. Saw from the data can be found in accordance with the present pace of development the industry, saw the body and medium-sized businesses do every two years will Qiugou a laser cutting equipment.

The effective investigation of welding equipment data, 33% of the saw blade with laser welding machine companies, 13% are Qiugou laser welding machines, 13% of companies plan to purchase future laser welding machines, 41% of companies currently do not know the company's plans. Laser welding technology is the industry saw an export of technical barriers, but also the products of high and low grade watershed, many enterprises saw the desire to buy than laser welding, laser cutting, laser welding equipment is currently no company would choose those outside the process .

Third, China's development status of the hard materials industry

Saw hard materials industry is a major consumer industry in 2005, although the hard materials industry, internal and external difficulties, but still achieved an industrial output value, sales revenue 26% growth rate, there is a slight slowdown, it is still rapid growth. Significantly improved product mix, a substantial increase in technical level, production costs have fallen significantly. As the years of diamond saw blade cut-throat competition has led to the 2005 U.S. anti-dumping my battle diamond saw blade; master advanced production of powder and indirect heating the rapid development of diamond companies, diamond manufacturers caused a "big reshuffle," a large number of R & D behind, unable to grasp the advanced manufacturing technology companies has been eliminated. This high wind and waves, rough situation, although many companies flooded, but as the entire industry has been training and improving the international advanced level, the second largest amount of high-grade diamond products and has made a breakthrough in mass production, China ended the unique cubic press not produce high-grade 30/35 and the crude product of history, attracted the close attention of the international peers, completely changed the international peer contempt China diamond equipment and technology situation, the world-famous Three diamond company has two factories in China, began to purchase and study of Chinese production of diamond cubic press technology, while another sold part of its diamond industry.

2006, industry output rose 10.2%, an increase of 20.3%; sales grew 12.2%, an increase of 14.5%; industrial added value increased 6.5%, an increase of 24% ... .... The main economic indicators continued to refresh the historical record, but the growth rate has decreased substantially.

Fourth, government support of

In Ezhou, the size of diamond tools in the city expansion, output in 2010 is expected to reach 50 billion yuan. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the city will focus on creating diamond tool "Four Park, a market": diamond tool manufacturing park, garden diamond crystal manufacturing, diamond cutting tool substrate manufacturing park, Park, Stone processing, diamond market. In 2010, total output value of diamond tools the city will reach 50 billion yuan, the park enterprises above designated size reached 200, output value reached 10 billion, exports exceeded $ 50 million.
Currently, four major parks have begun to take shape, more than 30 enterprises in the park, around the four major parks, there are 30 million yuan investment projects focus on synthetic diamond using pure fossil toner projects, 40 million yuan laser welding diamond saw blade projects, a total of almost a hundred.

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