China Steel Association: Steel prices will remain high post

Time : 2012-06-13   Edit:XINGSHUO SAW

Yesterday, the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, monthly report, in June, China's steel production growth rate down, steel exports continued to decline, the market supply and demand balance, the domestic steel prices remained relatively stable running situation; the international steel market because of tight supply, inventory lower steel prices continue to rise, the market will remain high post.


According to statistics, in June, domestic steel prices showed a slight adjustment of the overall situation. The end of June, domestic composite steel price index to 161.47 points, the chain rose 4.61 points, an increase of 2.94%, down 3 percent increase the previous month. June compared with May, CISA monitored eight major varieties of steel long products prices from up to down, in which general lines, rebar declined slightly, the index fell 1.6 points and 2.96 points, prices fell 55 yuan / tons and 104 yuan / ton; plate and pipe prices continue to stay on the rise, which rose significantly seamless and galvanized sheet, the index rose 13.32 points and 8.67 points, prices rose 616 yuan / ton and 448 yuan / ton. Seamless rise is mainly due to pig iron, scrap steel, coke, and seamless tube prices rise and increase in exports; plate, hot plate, hot coil and cold rolled sheet or relatively small, the index increased by 2 to 5:00, prices 89-258 yuan / ton, or down significantly.


Reported that in June the domestic steel industry to continue to shortage of coking coal resources, a substantial increase in the North coking coke prices twice, in late June coking coal and metallurgical coke chain were up 488 yuan per ton and 404 yuan, up 38.2% and monthly increase of 17.1 %; scrap, pig iron prices rose 161 yuan / ton and 338 yuan / ton, or 4.2% and 7.6%, exceeding the level of monthly composite steel price increases; domestic and imported iron ore spot prices continue to rise. Steel production costs continue to rise, the formation of a strong domestic steel prices supported. Meanwhile, in June, China's 26 major market for steel stocks were down 2.2 million tons, fell 0.8 percent, has declined for four consecutive months to maintain momentum. The end of May and medium-sized steel enterprises sales rate of 98.64%.


China Steel Association believes that, as countries continue to implement tight monetary policy, some enterprises have the capital shortages, especially steel trading business by selling financial impact of even a phenomenon. As steel prices continue to rise, part of the user was watching the situation to be purchased. As the raw materials and fuel prices, electricity, transportation, the state has increased tension and eliminate backward production capacity and other factors, the latter part of China's steel production will continue to maintain low growth. In the second half, snow, earthquake reconstruction of infrastructure and housing, will increase the demand for steel. Slowdown in steel production, steel demand will not significantly weaken the domestic balance of supply and demand situation will not change. Increase in the demand-pull and cost of the dual role, the latter part of the domestic market is expected to remain high steel prices will continue to trend, but different species, different times may be slight fluctuations.

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