In 2014,
  • In 2014,| Obtain the certificate of "China well-known trademark"
In 2013,
  • In 2013,|Re-achieve "Hebei Well-known trademark"
In 2012,
  • In 2012,| Start using new independent research and develop heat-treatment line.
    Start using new office building
In 2011,
  • In 2011,| Cyclic economy projects have been made progress substantially.
In 2008,
  • In 2008,| The blanks Φ5200mm was hit in XINGSHUO and it is the biggest in the world.
In 2006,
  • In 2006,|We introduced world top CNC machining center from DMG Germnay which cost 1500 CNY net.
    CNC Tools Factory started managing.
In 2005,
  • In 2005,| CNC Tools - 7:24 Tool taper shank qualified by expert appraisal.
    Large modern heat treatment built up.
    Germany Office has been opened in Bremen.
    Suzhou Brach put into production in Suzhou Industrial Park.
In 2004,
  • In 2004,|TCT Saw blades factory started producing.
In 2003,
  • In 2003,| It was successed to do restructuring of enterprise.
In 2002,
  • In 2002,| TCT Circular Saw Blade Φ2200mm qualified expert appraisal. Chengdu Starry Meansuring Enginging Co., Ltd established.
In 2001,
  • In 2001,| The blanks Φ3600mm was hit, and it is the only manufacturer who can do in China.
In 1997,
  • In 1997,| The diamond saw blades of Φ400mm by cold pressing & sintering was firstly produced in the line of XINGSHUO, as well as gringding disc and diamond core drill bit.
In 1994,
  • In 1994,| Horizontal grinder for big disc originated in XINGSHUO's workshop. And the heat-treatment system for big blanks Φ2000mm ~ Φ3600mm was designed and installed by themselves.
In 1993,
  • In 1993,| Tension Roller on Integration of Mechanical and Electrical was created firstly in the industry. It was effective to improve the quality.
In 1992,
  • In 1992,| HEBEI SAW RESEARCH was set up in the company which was the first institute in the whole country. It includes four item labs and an experiment center.
In 1990,
  • 2011年| YUTIAN SAW, the former of HEBEI XINGSHUO SAW, took the leadership in manufacturing and selling sucessfully blanks Φ1584mm-Φ1784mm in China, as well as the Multi-blanks.
In 1987,
  • In 1987,| YUTIAN SAW, the former of HEBEI XINGSHUO SAW, was established.

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